donderdag 21 november 2013

It's about time - real time path-tracing project

During gamelab 3-4, we, a very small team, created a game in Jacco Bikkers real time raytracing engine, Brigade. The whole world is 1.8 million polygons all rendered in real-time, no LODs, and the whole game was created in 14 days or so with essentially one programmer. Due to the unique nature of this engine, polygons and reflections would not slow down performance at all. However, no specular maps could be used, and renders of objects in Maya do not at all represent how they look in-game.

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woensdag 9 oktober 2013

1949 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible

This vehicle was created from scratch in Autodesk Maya. The car features highly detailed underbody and suspension components, high detail interior. Every single part of the car was meticulously researched to ensure it is as period-correct and accurate as possible. The model has around 60.000 polygons and uses 9 UV-sets. Each UV-set has 3 or 4 texture maps(including normal map, specular map, diffuse map, and optionally a glow-map or damaged-state texture), resulting in 32 high quality textures, some photo-sourced, some hand-painted.
A node and beam structure was created from scratch, by hand, using the BeamNG.Drive game-engine, resulting in extremely realistic real-time crash-damage deformation. The car also features a convertible canvas roof that folds in real-time using the node-and-beam engine(the same technology that makes the car deform in a crash, also deforms the roof and makes the suspension move). This all happens in real-time in-game, without needing a single pre-animated mesh(unlike other games).

The vehicle is available for download for free from the BeamNG website for all BeamNG.Drive Alpha-owners.

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Special thanks to: 
Gabe Fink('Gabester') - Helping me get started in the engine, beta-testing
'Dkutch' - beta-testing, construction tips

maandag 21 januari 2013

World Building team project - UDK - 2012

A team project to create a level in the Unreal Engine. For this project we had a team of 8 people, my main task in this was environment modeling and texturing, and later I was also assigned to do tweaks to polish models made by other people.

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Van Gogh game - 2013

Gamelab 5 project. This game is playable from the Museums website:

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1977 Lotus Esprit S1 - James Bond moviecar-replica - 2012

This vehicle was created for the game Rigs of Rods. It features fully dynamic crash damage in real time, can transform into a submarine, just like in the James Bond movie "The Spy Who Loved Me", all in real time. The same technology that makes the car deform in a crash, is also used to move meshes to transform it into a submarine and to make the headlights pop up.

1985 Audi 80 B2 CC & Quattro Group-B - Onyx_PL and Tom Verhoeve - 2012

This vehicle was created for the game Rigs of Rods as a colaboration project between me(Tom Verhoeve) and Onyx_PL. He had created an 1985 Audi 80 B2 CC model for the game "Street Legal: Redline Racing", and asked me to convert it to Rigs of Rods. For the project, I created a completely new skeleton for dynamic crash damage in real time. I also remodeled almost every part of his mesh to improve it, and created an Audi Quattro version with new headlights, new wheels, new suspension, new engine, and various other new components. In-game the 1.6 Audi 80 drives differently from the Quattro, both completely realistic compared to the real life versions of these cars.

M-26 Pershing tank - 2012

This vehicle is scratch-made for the game Rigs of Rods. When it was released, it was the first vehicle in the game to feature tank-track and suspension geometry that would make sense in the real world(in other words the suspension is not "pre-animated" or "faked"). This makes sure all components move exactly like the suspension on a real World War II M-26 Pershing tank. All violence-promoting aspects(machineguns) have been ignored on the model for child-friendliness, apart from the main gun.

1995 Seat Ibiza 6k - Rigs of Rods - 2012

This vehicle was first created as a NURBS model with a low quality interior and no engine. It was then converted to a highly detailed polygonal model. The car features a high detailed fully animated interior, detailed engine and detailed drivetrain. It also features realistic real-time deformation.

Anatomy project - 2012

Anatomy project of the arm. The muscles and ligaments were made in Autodesk Maya using NURBS. The original polygonal skeleton model was made by Andrew Paquette.

Architecture Breda - 2012

This is an architecture project based on a construction site in Breda. It was rendered using Vray in Autodesk Maya, with trees made using SpeedTree. All models were created from scratch and textures are photo-sourced and then edited.

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TE2 "Hexabot" texturing project - 2011

A hexabot texturing project made in the first year of IGAD. The model was created by Neville Marcinkowski, with minor edits by me. All textures are hand-drawn in Photoshop by me.

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Escher project - 2011

A texturing and modeling project made in the first year of IGAD. The upper model was created by me. The lower image was a texturing project, where the original model was created by Nils Ruisch. It was then textured by me with hand-drawn textures. The images on the left show the illusion camera, the images in the middle show a blend between between the model and the original drawings by M.C. Escher. The images on the right show how the illusion was created.